Sonny is working on her debut EP in Atlanta

Up and coming pop artist Sonny Mackenzi made a big move last month, packing her bags and grabbing her team and heading straight for Atlanta, Georgia, the South’s most prominent hot spot in the entertainment industry.   

While feisty singles like “Shoulda Never” and “Love Makes Me Stupid” helped to put Sonny, (formerly known as Madison Kiss) on the map last year, the high spirited, fun-loving tomboy is reveling in the wake of her latest adventure—creating a cool, fun, fresh new sound for her upcoming album that her fans are sure to adore. Working with the likes of Phil Tan, Craig King, Peggy Johnson, Lann Johnson and Bravo Ocean, Sonny is already making waves in Atlanta’s music scene, and what’s coming next will undoubtedly be a smash with her followers.  

“I have a great team around me and together we’re creating a really awesome new vibe that’s totally unique for me and my fans.”  Sonny explains.  “I’m really proud of what I’m doing and the message I’m putting out there, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Stay tuned for Sonny Mackenzi’s first release, coming soon.