Sonny Mackenzi, Poised For Fame. By Charlie Sullivan

Sonny Mackenzi is the “one-in-a-million talent” you’re always keeping an eye pealed for. Already with a noteworthy modeling career on her resume, this young lady is looking to add a blossoming singing career to her bio. And why not, she has the talent and the demeanor to take it to the top and not lose herself in the mix. Playing it by the book, this kid is learning the ropes and taking care of business; she rehearses with a dance crew regularly and is booking her own shows consistently without any problem.

Performing her brand of Pop, Sonny is already finding she’s a hot item around town.  When she hits the stage she’s a lovely lady garmented in fine fashion, armed with the remarkable talent to back it up. Getting decked out and made up is a large part of her show; at a recent performance models provided a fashion show working the runway while Ms. Mackenzi delivered the goods. 

“The crowd loved it,” chimes Sonny. “The show was a total success and so much fun.” 

On singing other writer’s songs: “When I’m recording someone else’s song I try to feel a real personal connection with the concept,” affirms Sonny. “Putting yourself in another person’s shoes isn’t always easy when you’re singing and trying to get the emotion across, so I try to pick songs that have stories I can relate to.”  This young lady has also been busy writing her own material and working with songwriters to help fully develop it. “I love writing for myself and making sure my voice is heard. I want to put songs out there that have a universal theme, a positive message; you know the girl-power, youthful, sexy kind of stuff,” asserts Sonny. 

Sonny has also been working closely with some of the hottest up and coming choreographers and dancers to spice up her shows.  “When I perform, I put on a SHOW! I love to surprise people!” says Sonny. This wild damsel plans to entertain the masses and knows exactly who her target audience is; there are a lot of thirteen to twenty-ish aged girls out there who really dig what 

Sonny is about. “I’m aware that as I grow, my music will grow too and that things won’t always be the same,” expresses Sonny, “But right now I’m loving being young and making music that expresses that.” Down the road, she’s shooting for the stars; she sees herself in the ranks of Katy Perry or Madonna. Follow your dream girl, follow your dream.

“The function of Pop music is to be consumed.” –Pierre Boulez