Sonny Releases God Invented Fridays with Luis Lopez

God Invented Fridays is the new production of Luis Lopez. One issue that arises with the need to make a tribute to the weekend, in the words of Louis himself "I had time with this idea in mind, in recent years I have lived very intensely on weekends, almost all the great things I have done I have done there, radio, bowling, big festivals ... "

To realize this idea, Luis Lopez has had one of the best producers in the world, the Danish Thomas Troelsen, who has produced artists like Inna , Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull . "I wanted a sound overall is much the responsibility I have today to be in front of a program like World Dance Music, wanted to work with a large experience has been amazing. I fancied a change the third and retrieve the sound Dance scarce today. The major producers of EDM are doing amazing things and I have not dared to compete for that already they "

Through the almighty Internet world body, Luis Lopez and Thomas Troelsen been working several months to mature this project. "When we had the song and the lyrics look for a good vocal talent and gave to the American Madison Kiss, who has worked on other successful projects with other alias, have frankly been very happy, I needed something fresh for the summer, which could girls sing and I think we succeeded". 

The Issue will be released by Sony, but for now you can already check in Preview Soundcloud.